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Focus on the Little Things to Deliver Great Customer Service

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As we learn how to deliver better customer service, there is one thing that comes up time and again – that it’s not what the customer thinks, but it’s how they feel during the transaction that colours their entire experience. Most people believe it’s the big things that will make a massive difference, but building an amazing relationship with customers is all about the little things. It’s easy to overlook the small components, which is likely why people don’t give them much credence, but the minor details will make a massive difference. How can we be more cognizant of the little things?

Don’t Apply Pressure

We spend a lot of time building businesses and relationships with customers that ultimately boil down to one thing – the big sell. But there is that underlying pressure we can all feel because we’re trying to force a customer over the line in whatever way we can. If we take off the pressure and recognise that it’s not a numbers game but about focusing on quality customers over quantity, this benefits both sides of the transaction. 

A great example is in letting the product speak for itself, such as through free samples. A product sampling agency can guide you through the processes of offering free samples, but this is only one process that can let your business showcase its assets. The product should speak for itself, and if the product is that good, we don’t need to apply the pressure.

They Are Not Customers, They Are Friends

Because we can treat a customer as a separate entity, a cog in the commodity, we can start to view them as one extra cog in the business machine. If we reevaluated how we perceive customers, we can then change our perceptions of them and recognise that if we want to get their attention, we’ve got to embody more soft skills beyond the basics. 

Sincerity, eye contact, positive body language and genuine appreciation are all things that will help you to build that relationship. It makes for far better engagement if you utilise soft skills, but it’s important to have the ability to simply engage with the customer beyond how it benefits you. If there’s anything we can learn from delivering great customer service, it’s about making them look good. After all, the customer is always right. When we show a customer that we are there for them throughout the process through affirmation, soft skills, and the ability to give them what they want, this selfless approach will reap dividends.

Observe Your Customers

One of the most essential factors in giving your customers the things they want is about understanding how people operate. A customer will consist of a number of different components: their individual attitudes, behaviours, thoughts, feelings and so forth. We have to observe our customers, not just in terms of how they purchase a product, but how they are as people. 

When we recognise there are different personality types, we can adapt our approach to ensure that we are giving them what they want, and when we keep track of the little things, this will invariably give our business a greater understanding of how to build relationships.