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    Endeavour Magazine April 2017

    North Korean missile tests, Donald Trump… well, being Donald Trump, the triggering of Article 50 by Britain, terrorist attacks, and geopolitical tensions aside, this past month has been a fairly quiet one. Little has emerged or happened that we were not already aware of, and most importantly the world economy on the whole is only heading one way: up.
    It is reassuring how, while tumult and tension has seemingly become the new normal, stock markets continue to soar, business continues to boom, and unemployment figures continue to fall, most notably in the Eurozone which looks as if it has finally recovered from its post-2012 malaise. If you need evidence of this, just take a glance at the oil & gas and commodities sectors – ever the barometer of global economic good health, or lack of.

    While market conditions remain imperfect, as do national budgets in some Middle Eastern states, for the most part the oil & gas industry has seemingly come to terms with the new era of lower oil prices, which is no longer solely dominated by OPEC. Additionally, the return to profit of mining heavyweights, BHP Billiton, Glencore, Anglo American, and Rio Tinto must surely signal the end of the punishing downturn which has battered the industry over nearly every continent in recent years. Here’s hoping that the good times last.

    On the subject of this month’s edition of Endeavour, we have a little something for everybody, if we don’t say so ourselves. Certainly, for our Trinidad & Tobago-based readers, there is a bit of a treat in store. We caught up with the National Energy Corporation of Trinidad & Tobago, who play so important a role in keeping the gas flowing, and the national economy in cruise control. Additionally, we have worked with the thrilling MovieTowne – Trinidad & Tobago’s entertainment extraordinaires, and Mario’s Pizza – the country’s premiere provider of pizzeria fine dining.

    Elsewhere, we’ve found out more about Menlyn Maine, the new green city which will soon hold the title as one of Africa’s top-level business hubs, and TSU Protection Services – the first word in private security in Southern Africa. And then there’s Solareff, who continue to consolidate their status as Africa’s leading sustainable energy industry leaders. On the manufacturing and engineering front, we’ve featured the formidable ArcelorMittal and Singapore’s finest, Ed Zublin, who play so important a role in keeping the city functioning.
    We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.