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Easy Ways to Practise Self Care

In a world where we’re becoming increasingly busy and overstretched in not only our professional lives but also our personal lives too, where do we draw the line and put ourselves first? It is often thought of as quite a selfish thing, to indulge in self-care and take time out for yourself. But honestly, what could happen if we don’t and we continue to burn the candle at both ends day in and day out?

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The ramifications on our physical health and mental well being can be devasting if neglect yourself. Sure, you may have many reasons why you just can’t justify putting you first; family, work, bills, chores. But in reality, you can not continue to deal with these things if you aren’t looking after yourself at the same time.

Check out some ways below that can help you put the onus on you as you set out to improve your health by taking some time focus on your own wellbeing.

Healthy Eating.

Easier said than done, I know however you should never underestimate the power a healthy diet can have on your body feels and runs. A bad diet can lead to all kinds of side effects; from lethargy to bloating. Bad skin, to excess weight and water retention. You are what you eat and a diet heavy in junk food and quick and easy meals can make you feel even worse as you struggle through your days.

Work on incorporating some new and healthier habits. Making small swaps and changes to how you eat and what you eat can make all the difference. For example, carrying around some healthy snacks and/or fruit to stop you grabbing a chocolate bar on your break at work or whilst out shopping is a great way to start.

If you are time-poor, why not look at meal prep. Preparing your meals in advance on a set day(s) each week will mean you always have a well-balanced meal to hand on those days where you simply can’t face cooking, or just don’t have the time to do so.


Sometimes, you simply just need to stop and clear your mind. With approximately 1 in 4 people thought to be suffering from a form of mental illness in the UK alone, it makes sense to be taking care of your mental health as well as your physical health. Stresses from our work and personal lives can take a toll if you are feeling physically and mentally exhausted and can have a negative impact on your health.


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A great way to help you switch off your mind and relax is to incorporate meditation into your day. Whether you only have ten minutes a day or an hour a week, being able to clear your thoughts and rebalance yourself is essential in today’s modern world. You don’t even need to leave the house to do this, there are many apps available for you to download to your phone.


If something is missing from your life or your diet, you can also look at adding supplements to your routine. For people who are tired all the time but don’t get out much, there are vitamins you buy to help you regain your energy and feel more like your old self.

You don’t have to just be looking at vitamins and minerals. There are supplements for a wide range of uses that you could benefit from. At the moment, investment in legal cannabis is increasing for medicinal, therapeutic and wellness uses so people with a range of mental and physical ailments can benefit from this product.


We’re not talking full-on gym sessions involving cardio and weight sessions nor are we talking about enrolling in a class to help you become more active. Simply moving more is a great way to start. Exercise releases endorphins to give you a euphoric feeling after you have finished your workout.

The impact this can have on your overall health is tremendous. If you are struggling with tiredness or lack of motivation, start small. Try a couch to 5k programme using an app on your phone, take your dog for longer walks, or simply leave the car at home.

Every little thing helps and the more you move, the better you will feel and the more your body will thank you in the long run. No one is expecting you dive straight into a huge time and workout commitment, but building it up slowly until you feel more comfortable will help.