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5 Shocking Facts about Electric Cars

It started with a spark, but as technology has advanced electric cars have set the car world ablaze. Gone are the days when electric cars meant sacrificing performance to cut down your carbon footprint. Modern electric cars have not only improved on the economic and environmental benefits of their predecessors but also provide a powerful performance worthy of admiration. Here are five reasons why electric cars are quickly taking over:

1. Cutting Out Carbon

The impacts of climate change get more drastic every year, and the way people drive makes a huge impact on that. According to a recent study, 90% of all carbon dioxide emissions from transport were caused by road vehicles. Carbon output is also increasing the concentration of air pollution, especially in urban areas. In 2016 it was estimated that as a result of human manufactured air pollution, 1,277 people died in New Zealand alone. Reducing carbon emissions from vehicles can greatly improve air quality. Studies show that if personal and small commercial vehicles are made electric by 2050, air pollution could drop by as much as 550 million metric tons.

2. Driving Down Costs

Another perk of electric vehicles is that they cost less to drive than cars with a traditional gas engine. If two drivers were traveling an average of 12,500 km a year, the driver with a gas engine would spend about $2,500 on petrol, whereas the driver of the electric car would spend only $500. While electric cars may be a little more expensive up front, the technology pays for itself down the line; saving you thousands of dollars a year in running costs.

3. Minimizing Maintenance

Another way electric cars save you money is with fewer trips to the mechanic. Unlike gasoline engines, electric cars don’t have spark plugs, timing belts, and many other intricate parts. Fewer pieces to damage mean fewer pieces to repair, making maintenance for an electric car considerably more affordable. Additionally, electric engines don’t require any oil to run, allowing you to skip the cost of an oil change every 10,000 or so kilometres. These regular maintenance costs can add up, saving electric car owners an average of $4,600.

4. Providing Convenience

How many times have you been driving home from a long day at work, seen the petrol almost empty, and thought to yourself “I’ll do that in the morning”? Then the next morning comes, you run out to your car on the way to work and are greeted with an empty tank. With the convenience of an electric vehicle, you will never run into this problem again, because you can charge your car overnight while you sleep. A recent study found that most electric car users only used public charging stations about once a month if it all.

5. Amazing Driving Experience

Modern electric cars are seriously powerful machines, even competing in Formula E races. Unlike traditional gasoline engines, electric car engines do not have a lot of moving parts. This allows an electric car to accelerate with 100% torque as soon as you step on the gas. Electric cars also come equipped with regenerative brakes, meaning as soon as your foot leaves the gas the vehicle begins slowing itself down. Applying the brakes on top of this allows electric vehicles to stop on a dime, making these cars highly responsive machines.

Electric cars are no longer the sputtering machine meant only for city driving, they’re a force to be reckoned with, and powerful enough to make any gearhead drool. Whether you’re concerned about preserving your health, the environment, lifetime costs or if you’re just plain tired of queuing for petrol; there are endless reasons to pull the plug on gasoline engines. With electricity, it’s as easy as plugging it in, forgetting about it, and going.