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Why a Defensive Driving Course Could Change Your Life

Defensive driving courses have long been seen as something nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. However, with accidents becoming more and more frequent, it feels like its mandatory now given the current state of driving in Great Britain. A defensive driving course has the potential to change, and even save, your life. But it’s not spoken about enough because it tends to cost extra money in addition to what you pay for your driving lessons, so most people just assume it’s not needed.

A defensive driving course teaches you all about how to analyse and examine the road in front of you. It teaches you to watch out for other drivers instead of just thinking about yourself. It makes you more aware of the road around you and it helps you minimize the risk of ending up in an accident, even one that isn’t caused by you.

Defensive driving also helps with the psychological side of driving. This includes stress, fatigue, emotional problems and even road rage. A defensive driving course helps you to stay focused when you’re driving and to prevent you from going on a rampage or getting frustrated at things that other drivers do.

In short, consider taking a defensive driving lesson to further reduce your chances of ending up in an accident. If you need convincing, then just take a look a the infographic below to see just how dangerous the roads are getting.

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