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CMA CGM: Seamless Shipping Solutions

With operations spanning 420 ports across the world, CMA CGM is a global player in the shipping and logistics solutions industry serving customers across the world by sea, land, and air every day. However, CMA CGM is working to bring significant sustainable development to the shipping industry through the implementation of innovative services which keep its customer’s products moving along shipping lines whilst working to protect the planet in the process.  

The global company found its origins in 1978 when it began operations with the vision to enhance the shipping industry backed by its team of industry experts. This strategic vision for the shipping industry is driven by a passion for customer-focused success. Today, this vision can still be seen throughout every aspect of CMA CGM’s operations as it continues to innovate to provide such an expansive array of shipping and logistics solutions to its international customer base and support each one with its network of experts across the industry. The Group is now present in 160 countries across its global network with more than 400 offices and 750 warehouses worldwide. In 2023, CMA CGM transported 21.7 million TEU containers and its subsidiary CEVA Logistics transported 552,000 tonnes of air cargo and more than 22 shipments of inland freight. 

CMA CGM offers one of the largest shipping networks in the world with routes spanning the globe serviced by its environmentally friendly, high-performance ships which provide value-added solutions to protect, track and optimize the shipping of goods. With more than 40 years of experience in deep-sea shipping as well as short-haul shipping lines, CMA CGM has services suited to every customer to provide solutions ranging from fleet, port infrastructure or port services through one of its specialist subsidiaries.  

One of CMA CGM’s specialities is in the shipment of perishable cargo, such as foodstuffs, as this is where the company can really show its expertise in ensuring that every detail of the shipment is carefully monitored. When it comes to perishable cargo, CMA CGM strictly manages the temperature, humidity, ventilation, and type of atmospheric conditions in the container and how these need to be adapted throughout the journey. To achieve this CMA CGM has a fleet of containers that are designed for temperature-controlled cargo, which are regarded as some of the most technologically advanced Reefer containers on the market. As every perishable item is so different, CMA CGM remains committed to ensuring that each customer’s needs are met with a completely bespoke service to meet the specific temperature needs of each product as it is shipped across the world.  

Another aspect of cargo shipping that requires the expertise of CMA CGM is the delivery of heavy equipment, industrial machinery, fragile cargo, and oversized cargo. These are all products which pose challenges to traditional cargo container shipping due to their size or shape, and so CMA CGM has built a team of specialists who work to help customers deliver cargo of any shape or size to anywhere in the world. For this, the team use a variety of CMA CGM’s end-to-end and bespoke solutions. It is this commitment to ensuring that any cargo, no matter the challenges it may pose in shipment, will be met with reliable solutions to help keep supply chains functioning efficiently. This reputation for implementing cargo shipping solutions that are effective and supported by the company’s international network of expertise is what has built such a valuable reputation for CMA CGM as a shipping company that is committed to helping every customer deliver.  

To make cargo movements at the ports so much easier, CMA CGM offers roll-on roll-off (RORO) services to a broad range of intra-Mediterranean services to North Africa. For example, with dry goods, CMA CGM has a range of containers designed to meet any needs as they meet ISO 1496, 6343 and Convention for Safe Container (CSC) criteria to deliver just about any cargo type you can think of.  Therefore, to ensure that these services remain efficient and productive, CMA CGM works with ship chandlers across the globe who facilitate its vessels with all the necessary equipment and materials. Consequently, ship chandler companies are essential to maintaining the speed and reputation of CMA CGM’s shipping service operations to keep cargo moving towards end markets.    

One thing that separates CMA CGM from its rivals is its firm commitment to being a leading shipping company, that also works to protect people and the planet. Since it began, CMA CGM has been committed to investing in the decarbonisation of its activities and in recent years has been pioneering the use of biofuels in its shipping process. In addition, CMA CGM has also made vital acquisitions into Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Vessels which hope to diversify the company’s reliance on fossil fuels. As the world has moved towards a more carbon-conscious world, CMA CGM has implemented measures to help its customers reduce and monitor their carbon emissions throughout their supply chains. To measure this, CMA CGM has developed ACT+ low-carbon transport solutions which work to help customers reduce their carbon footprint by using low-carbon fuels, such as biofuels and biomethane, to offset residual emissions in the supply chain.  

As CMA CGM moves towards this more sustainable future for the shipping industry, we have seen it continue to invest in vessels which will provide a better emission performance for the planet. In February, CMA CGM introduced the Mermaid, a container ship which is designed to enhance energy efficiency and environmental performance. The vessel, created in collaboration with Chantiers de l’Atlantique and Hyundai Heavy Industries, aims to produce 20% less carbon emissions than standard container vessels. The vessel is the first of 10 planned to be implemented by CMA CGM and will be positioned across the Mediterranean and in Northern Europe to take goods over short distances. Each vessel has a 2,000 TEU capacity and works in line with the global group’s decarbonization strategy to transform the future of the shipping industry.  

CMA CGM is such a vital company in the global shipping industry, with its vessels operating across an intricate international network. With a range of services, including many customisable services to suit each customer’s specific needs, CMA CGM continues to lead the industry as the shipping company that is sure to get the job done. Then, as it continues to move towards a more sustainable future, CMA CGM maintains its commitment to protecting the planet and is continually seen to be investing in services and vessels which are working towards its carbon goals. We look forward to seeing the vital role CMA CGM will continue to play in international markets as it continues to expand its network to bring even more sustainable, reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions to customers across the world.